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who is naomi chi

My name is Naomi Chi and I am the perfect woman. Not an inch more, and definitely not an inch less!

Age: 25
Hair Color: Currently light brown with blonde highlights.
Breast Size:36EE, nice and bouncy.
Sexual Preferences: Men, but I also go for other shemales from time to time.

my turnons
  • When I walk into the room and you're already hard, waiting for me, ready to fuck me inside out
  • Slow dancing to romantic music, feeling your hard cock rub against my equally hard one
  • Sucking cock slowly, without rush, knowing that the night is ours and there's no place to be but this bed
  • Touching a man's muscular back, running my fingers up and down it
  • Having my ass licked, sucked, fingered. Anal play is my thing!
  • Getting roses for no reason, just because.
my turnons
  • Bad smells, loud noises, rude people
  • Rushed sex, unless it's a quicky :)
  • People who think they're better than the rest of us just because they have a little more money
  • Laziness, sloth, apathy
exit exit exit exit